You can find our billboards displayed inside many restaurants across the United States. We have several billboards featured in Logan’s Roudhouse restaurants in the southeast and Waterloo Ice House restaurants in Austin, Texas. Several Ruby’s restaurants throughout California have vintage car billboards. Our newest restaurant display is a fabulous Lucky lager beer in the Ironside restaurant in San Francisco, California.

Our billboards have been displayed in many different ways. You can see some of our billboards in the movie “Ray” and “Men of Honor”. The ABC television show “Ugly Betty” used one of our Jantzen Swimwear billboards in various episodes, where it was displayed upon a bedroom wall.

”Our customers love the billboard”
“It was the perfect fit for our space & a great tribute to the building’s historic past.”
- Jon D’Angelica, Ironside Restaurant

680A 2nd Street (Townsend)
San Francisco, CA 94107

Buyers of our billboards have displayed them in a variety of other ways. A Wisconsin antique shop in an old barn has several billboards displayed from steel cables hanging from the ceiling rafters. Two Studebaker billboards were purchased by the Studebaker National Museum in Southbend, Indiana. The Detroit Historical Museum in Detroit, Michigan purchased two billboard from us a 1956 Cadillac and a Chevy Truck on the Alaskan Alcan Highway. The movie “Ray” features a Nixon/Eisenhower presidential ad, Olympia Beer, and a washing machine billboard. The movie “Men of Honor” features a Navy billboard near a bar.

ABC’s television show Ugly Betty was lucky enough to purchase one of our rare Jantzen swimwear billboards a few years back. It was displayed on Betty’s boss’s – Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius), bedroom wall and they notched-out a door within the billboard as well.

Collectors of vintage automobiles have displayed a variety of car, gas & oil, and other miscellaneous billboards on the walls housing their car collection. Most collectors enjoy framing the billboard and adding lighting to enhance the display. We have had several art design companies buy billboards for clients desiring a re-creation of an early gas station or general store. Since billboard advertising was/is intended to be seen by driving motorists, all billboards can be considered automobile related.

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One collector displayed one of our billboards upon his living room wall – and custom cut it so that their is a door that opens that is part of the actual billboard! Our book covers assembling & displaying in much more detail with photographs as well.