Are these vintage billboards or reproductions?

Each billboard is an original new old stock (NOS) vintage paper advertisement. These billboards date back to the mid forties through the mid sixties. We have no reproduction billboards in our inventory.

Are these posters or full-size never displayed billboards?

These are not posters. These are new old stock (N.O.S) vintage full size billboards which were never displayed. The average size is approximately (19 ½ ft long by 8 ½ ft wide). Billboard sizes vary from 19 ft x 7 ft, up to 22 ft x 10 ft.

Why do I see “Billboards of The Past © 2010″ in different shades of color across the billboard pictures and will my billboard have these markings upon it?

Wherever you see “Billboards of The Past © 2010″ on any images on this website what you are seeing is a digital watermark. These are embedded into our billboard photos digitally and they are not on our actual billboards for sale. The watermarks are here to protect our images from unlawful use by third parties. In the past, people have stolen our photos and then resold them, which is a violation of our copyrights & ownership. They are embedded into the photos thru a digital process which allows us to know when anyone attempts to manipulate or edit them. We also actively watch the internet for anyone who attempts to use our photos and our lawyers take immediate action against illegal use of our copyrighted materials. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who look to profit from other people’s time and work. We do not enjoy having to guard our digital media in such a manner, but this is the way things are today.

What is the definition of N.O.S. – New Old Stock?

New old stock (abbreviated NOS) refers to merchandise being offered for sale which was manufactured long ago but that has never been used. Such merchandise may not be produced anymore, and the new old stock may represent the only market source of a particular item at the present time.

Are these billboards made out of paper or plastic?

All the billboards are made out of paper that is about the thickness of a sheet of printer paper.

How rare are these billboards? 

These billboards are quite rare, as most billboards made of paper were displayed then scraped off when they were removed. They have a date range from the mid 1940′s through the mid 1960′s. Our billboards are original and have never been displayed before. Most of our billboards listed are one of a kind. We do have more than one in a few categories.

How did you determine the price of each billboard? 

Prices of these ads are based on the style of artwork, the product being advertised, and the age and condition of the ad. Prices range from $150.00 up to $3,000.00. The most expensive billboards are mostly convertibles or movie star related.

Are these billboards one sheet of paper?

Each billboard comes in several different pieces. The average number of pieces is around 12. Each billboard varies from six to 20 pieces. These pieces are laid out and overlapped to form one large billboard. Each billboard is in a bundle where the pieces are folded together. The average bundle diameter is 36 inches by 4 inches.



What is the average weight of a billboard?

The average billboard weighs four pounds. Extra large billboards may weigh up to five pounds. Add app. 1 pound for proper safe packaging for shipment.

Some of the billboards appear wrinkled is this normal?

You may notice creases and folds in some of the photos as the pieces are just laid out on the floor to take our pictures. The fold lines and can usually be successfully flattened out when the assembly process is done by us or yourself. The creases are harder to flatten out. The billboard will be shipped unassembled in a flat cardboard box unless a buyer requests additional services we offer.

Since the billboards are folded what can be done about the folds and creases?

These billboards have been folded since the day they were made. You can decrease the sharpness of the folds and creases by laying each piece under something heavy such as sheetrock to help flatten them out. For an additional service fee we can iron the pieces out and get the folds to lay flat and decrease some of the creases for a more uniform look when they are displayed.

Some ads appear pink or green tinted and a little crooked. Is this normal?

We lay the billboard pieces on the floor to photograph them. It’s difficult to get them perfectly straight due to the folds in them. When we 1st started photographing our ads we didn’t have the correct lighting and some photos have a pink or green tint to them. The true background color should be white or off-white. We are currently in the process of retaking all these pictures.

What are the additional service fees you mentioned?

For an additional $150.00 we can iron out the billboard pieces to decrease the sharpness of the folds and creases. For an additional $250.00 we can glue the pieces together and match up the pieces as close as possible. If you want the billboard glued together the pieces need to be ironed out first. The total for these two services $400.00. If you want the billboard glued together we need to ship it in a PVC pipe. PVC pipe charge $15.00. Shipping charges in a PVC pipe vary with final destination.

Are the billboards on the website glued together? 

To glue a billboard together you need to start gluing it from left to right lining up the pieces of the billboard as you go. You will need a big area to do this and it does take time and patience to get it to line up correctly. We apply weights to the seams areas to insure the seam is closed. Everyone needs to realize that most billboards posted on the side of the road are viewed from 20 to 50 feet away. Some creases are always going to be noticeable. For an additional $250.00 we can glue the pieces together and match up the pieces as close as possible. If you want the billboard glued together the pieces need to be ironed out for an additional $150.00.

How do most customers display their billboards?

Most customers frame the billboard and hang it on a wall by making a frame out of 1 x 3 boards. If you use light weight boards the frame is easier to hang. Over head lights are a nice touch if you’re trying to make a replica of a vintage billboard. Our billboards have been displayed in many different ways. You can see some of our billboards in the movie “Ray” and “Men of Honor”. These ads make wonderful displays in family rooms, car garages displaying antique cars, restaurants, bars, antique malls, flea markets, and museums. We’ll gladly assist anyone with any display issues they may have. See our displaying button for more display ideas.

What if I am looking for a specific theme of artwork or subject matter of a billboard?

First, please try to look at our collection by categories. If you are seeking a billboard with a specific topic/subject in the art, please contact us and we will help you discover what we have that would be of interest to you. There are many billboards for sale here with themes that are different than the brand or category. We have many sports specific billboard and animal specific billboards. Some billboards depict space travel, farmers, families, jobs, and cowboys just to name a few. Please contact us if you are seeking something specific in the way of art subject and we will return a list to you of matching billboards from all of our categories.

Do you have any movie stars billboards? 

We have movie stars on our Mercury and Ford cars, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Chesterfield cigarette billboards. You will see Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and others in our collection.

Do you have any famous sports stars billboards?

Yes, we have several in the Tobacco section under Chesterfield cigarettes. We have two major league baseball players. Joe DiMaggio, the famous New York Yankee & boyfriend of Marilyn Monroe, and also Lou Boudeau who played for the Cleveland Indians. We also have PGA golfing legend Ben Hogan, Jack Kramer (Tennis Pro), and Frankie Albert (San Francisco 49ers football legend). Several other categories such as gas & oil, cars, soft drinks, and beer have many sports related billboards. Basketball, football, baseball, fishing, skiing, roller skating, and hunting are just a few sports billboards found in these categories. Other categories also contain sports related billboards there are just too many for us to reference all of them. We encourage you to browse thru the website, often there are sport themed billboards in the categories/brands where you might least expect to find them.

Are any on these billboards signed by the design artist?

Several of the billboards are also autographed by the lithograph artist that created the scenic layout. One of the artist’s is Charles Schultz from the Peanut comic strip who designed a couple of ads for Ford. Howard Scott designed for Nash. Bomar designed for Phillips 66. Hayden for Chevrolet. Morice Logan for Richfield, Jerome Razen for Shell Oil, Stu Graves for Utoco, and George Shepherd for Union 76. Several Coca Cola Santa Claus billboards were designed by Haddon Sundbloom.

What purchase options do I have? 

We currently accept Paypal and money orders. Business and personal checks are acceptable once they have cleared. Your payment method will determine how quickly your billboard will arrive. Checks or money orders sent to us by Federal Express overnight insure faster shipping.

Who do we make the payment to?

Please contact us prior to writing a check.

What shipping options are available?

In the U.S. we ship via USPS mail. Insurance is required for the full billboard value for your safety. If you would prefer another carrier such as UPS or Federal Express, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. International buyers email for custom options. Federal Express does not deliver to P.O Boxes.

What type of return policy do you have?

If your not completely happy with your purchase please return it in 7 days for a full refund. The item purchased will be checked for damage before a refund is issued. Buyer pays return shipping.

What type of pictures and information are in the Billboards of The Past book? 

The billboard book tells the unique story about how these billboards were purchased by us. Over 15 different lithograph companies created these ads and many are artist signed. We have over 400 photos some from each category of the website. We chose a variety of colorful ads. Some are whimsical, many are done in a cartoon style, and many have a whole some appeal. See our billboard flash display on the main page for a glimpse of some of our book photos. These ads range in age from the mid 1940′s to the mid 1960′s. It’s fun to go back to the decades of mid 1940′s and 1960′s and see how styles have changed in clothing, cars, hairstyles, and advertising itself. These make great Christmas, birthday, and father’s day gifts. Or any time gifts. This book is especially popular with vintage car buffs. We offer an autographed copy just tell us what you’d like inscribed in the book. Visit our book page by using the book button on the top of the page.

If you have any additional questions on anything we have not covered please email us.